You can download MP3 versions of these albums to play on your iPod, phone or computer from iTunes, Amazon, E-Music and all good music download sites

Music for people who dare to dream

However if you want bright shiney CDs with top quality HiFi versions of all the music on them. You can purchase them from us at the  prices shown below plus postage.
Postage for 1 CDs will cost £1.50, 2-4 CDs will be £3.50 and 5 or more will be £6.00

Bazz Cooper
CDs are £9.99 each except for the double album "Dark Angel" which costs £12.99

Pirates of St. Piran CDs are £9.99 each for "A night at the Mermaid Inn"
and "3 sheets to the wind". £12.99 for the double albums "Lost at sea", "Rock the boat",
"Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion" and The Mermaid's Tail".

Captain & The Blade CDs are £10

F.U.F CDs are £7.99 each.

Just contact us and let us know what you want.  
Phone 01726 74650

Rose Horne
Planet La La Music
The Bay House
85 Alexandra Road
St. Austell
PL25 4QW

Of if you are a retailer wishing to stock any of our CDs please contact us for
details of wholesale prices.