Rock The Boat
The fourth release from Cornwall's favorite pirate crew. The Pirate's adventures continue as they find themselves fallen on hard times. So begins the quest to find a lost treasure map and the missing Mad Mary Pegg.. Join them as they sing their way across land and sea, stopping only to sing the odd song in a tavern or two along
 the way.  

CD 1
1.  Old Shipmates (Traditional)
2.  Hanging Johnnyv(Traditional)
3.  Camborne HJill (Traditional)
4.  John Kanaka (Traditional)
5.  Sometime maybe never (Bazz Cooper)
6.  Cornish Lads (Roger Bryant)
7.  Rolling Sea (Traditional)
8.  The old hanging tree (Blackmore's Knight)
9.  Old Stormy (Traditional)

CD 2.
1.  The smuggler's song  (Rudyard Kippling/Bazz Cooper)
2.  Leave her Johnny leave her (Traditional)
3.. Lowlands away (Traditional)
4.. Little Lize (Traditional)
5.  Haul on the bowline (Traditional)
6.  Gallows pole (traditional)
7.. Gor Bugger Jagger (Traditional)
8.  The drunken sialor/Banana boat song (traditional)
9.  The sailor's prayer (Tom Lewis)

Total running time 87 minutes - as much fun as it's possible to have while keeping your sea boots on.

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