Lost at sea
The third release from Cornwall's favorite pirate crew. After many months trying to find their way back to land, Some one turns the map the right way up and they head back to port. However, when they get there, their favorite Tavern has been converted into a winebar. More fun and frolics with the Pirate crew as they perform many of their favorite songs and sea shanties.

CD 1
1.  Bully in the ally (Traditional)
2. Stay up aloft Johnny  (Bazz Cooper)
3.  Old Maui
4. A drop of Nelson's blood (Traditional)
5.  Mary Lee (Bazz Cooper)
6.  Itches in my britches (Traditional)
7.  The Blue Cockade (Traditional)
8.  All around my hat (Traditional)
9.  Jolly Roger (Bazz Cooper)
10. South Australia (Traditional)
11. Fighting for Strangers (Traditional)

CD 2.
1.  All for me grog (Traditional)
2.  Fanny in the tavern (Bazz Cooper)
3.  Black Jack Davey (Traditional)
4.. The pump shanty (Tony Goodenough)
5.  Sally Brown (Traditional)
6.  Mingulay boat song (Traditional)
7.. The glory of the ride (Bazz Cooper)
8.  Side by side (Traditional)
9.  The Ballad of Jack Manear (Bazz Cooper)
10. Fire Marengo (Traditional)
11. The Drunken sailor - remix (Traditional)
12. Lost at sea (Bazz Cooper)

Total running time  131 minutes

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