Before the current calendar was adopted, the ancient Celts measured the passing of time by the cycles of the Moon. The year was made up of 13 months each or 28 days and one extra day was added each year to stay in line with the yearly cylce of the sun. Thus giving us the year and a day. The 13 peices on this CD were written over the course of a year and reflect the atmosphere, feel and spirit of each of the 13 moons during 2007.

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1. The hunter - November
2. Yuletide - December
3. The old ones - January
4. The wolf - February
5. Lenton - March
6. The egg - April
7. Misty morn - May
8. First flowering - Early June
9. Second flowering - Late June
10. Making hay - July
11. The seed - August
12. Wildwood fruit - September
13. The harvest - October

Total running time 79 minutes